Floating Brain

by Lewd Dewdz



Recorded on October 11th, 2011 by John Angelo. Lush Rimbaugh, drums. Jo Jo Thunderlipz, bass. Joey Biker Dust, guitars. Thad Reno, guitars. Manimal, voice and megahorn.


released October 11, 2011



all rights reserved


Lewd Dewdz Buffalo, New York

Crapped together at the ass-end of 2k10, the Lewd Dewdz are some turds playing punk rock from Buffalo, NY. After playing a handful of what can loosely be described as shows and managing to scrape together enough coinage to drop a deuce of a demo tape in 2k11, the Dewdz have already established themselves in their native Buffalo as a bunch of assholes with a reputation for being assholes. ... more

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Track Name: Floating Brain
Floating brain, mental drain:
The braniac is a maniac.
Got you pinned beneath the shelf,
But you wrote the part yourself.

Thinking hurts.
Track Name: Fuck You, I'm Drinking
Fuck you, I'm drinking.
You cause too much thinking
With all your tom foolery:
Hustling jewelry.
I'm just trying to smoke a cig,
Not practice advanced trig.
Please will you go away?
There's dumber folks that-a-way.

Just get the fuck out my face.
You don't want to wear a neck brace.
By now, it's no mystery: I just want you history.

Fuck you, I'm drinking. So what?
Track Name: Noodlez Peroodi
One hundred eighty grams;
It floats like candied yams
On your tongue.
It sails like egg foo yung.

Watch my mom's Impala.
Don't treat like a Corolla.
The wind is a dynamic
That's fully panoramic.

One hundred eighty grams.
Track Name: Wipe the Floor
With bedroom antics on the brain,
I'm a red-blooded male you can't contain.
Piss on a tree in your terrain.
You're a mutt and I'm a Great Dane.

If you want to fight, we'll fight.
We'll take it out on the street tonight.
I'll knock some fucking sense in you,
Beat you until you're black and blue.
If you want to fight, we'll fight.
I'll wipe the fucking floor with you tonight.